Write a report on crisis management for Malaysia airline MH 307.
You can comment on crises that happened recently and analyze critically the strategies each government took to manage these crises.

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The Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disaster was exacerbated by the Malaysian government’s inability to handle the crisis that resulted. Airplane crisis management centers on consoling the families of the victims and being as transparent as possible to ensure that the investigation proceeds in a timely manner. Ever since World War II, no commercial aircraft has ever been missing for more than one week without being found, for better or for worse. However, Malaysian Airline Flight 370 has now been missing since March 8, 2014, a period of two and a half months, with no resolution to the crisis. Satellite data in the 21st century should have revealed the flight’s location and resolved the crisis within one to two weeks. The Malaysian government instead chose to cover up the incident; only in the past week have they accepted Inmarsat’s request to release the raw satellite data (Mohsin and Yan, 2014). A lack of transparency and the callous nature that the Malaysian government chose to inform the victim’s families and loved ones caused widespread backlash and is damaging not only the airline, but Malaysia’s reputation worldwide...

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