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• Choose one of the following:
1. Explain the surrender paradox using the German case
2. How do economists explain the origins of the modern monopoly state?
3. Explain the Paradox of Democratic Exuberance
4. Explain market failure and government failure
5. Explain linkage and the demand for democracy

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1. Explain the surrender paradox using the German case
The surrender paradox involves a society relinquishing certain freedoms for protections from a state or ruler. In the Middle Ages, this usually involved serfs surrendering their right to property to nobles and receiving both protection and food from the plots of land they worked. As the feudal system broke down, the surrender paradox consolidated power within a few institutions, such as the clergy and aristocracy that were brought into greater control by the state. In the 17th century, France and the Holy Roman Empire were excellent examples of the surrender paradox. France was ruled for over half a century by Louis XIV, who declared himself the state. French citizens were willing to trade off democratic institutions such as the Estates General, which never convened during Louis XIV’s reign, in exchange for improved economic conditions and a massive expansion of the French sphere of influence both in Europe and abroad. The French also felt a sense of nationalism that developed during Louis XIV’s reign, which made them more empowered even though their civil liberties were restricted. Prior to Louis XIV, France suffered through a series of civil wars and weak kings that could not unify the country, so Louis XIV’s presence fueled French national sentiment and unified the country....

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