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Write a 6-7 pages long paper, double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, do not skip lines between paragraphs
• Please cite all of the recommended sources in your paper. • Choose one of the following:
1. Explain the concept of linkage and its significance for democracy
2. Explain the pact of peace
3. Explain the sources of democratic stability
4. Explain the sources of democratic instability
5. Explain the logic of electoral economics

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3. Explain the sources of democratic stability
Democracy is an inherently unstable political system, but several countries like the United States and United Kingdom have several safeguards in place and principles that promote the democratic concept above other forms of government. Democracy is a very attractive form of government because it allows its people expansive civil liberties that do not exist in autocratic societies. Therefore, the citizenry is always given the option to keep its current government or switch to a different government through plebiscite that will better meet its needs. Democracy is also attractive because it allows people to take sides and join several different political parties (for example, the Democrats and Republicans in the United States and Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat in the United Kingdom).
Governments where at least two parties contest elections should be theoretically unstable but are actually stable because each party develops a voter base that it can count on for a specific percentage of support that rises and falls periodically based on economic conditions, foreign policy issues and the general state of the country...

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