Background: You are a policy advisor working at the United Nations. President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan has requested a briefing memo explaining the benefits of UN membership. You should presume that President Mayardit has no working knowledge of IR theoretical approaches or terminology, so define any theoretical jargon you use. You should also presume that he wants to be refreshed on any prior actions the United Nations has taken in the world.

Assignment: Your task is to construct a policy memo explaining the benefits of UN membership to the beleaguered South Sudanese government using the theoretical lens of LIBERALISM. This memo’s content should specifically address (a) the kinds of benefits that international institutions offer, (b) the processes through which they confer such benefits, and (c) the success/failure of the United Nations in those processes.

Guidelines: The following guidelines apply to this assignment:

- Memos must be 1000 words
- Memos should be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with 1” margins
- Your heading should include an address to the leader requesting the memo
- Your heading should include your name, the course number (POSC230), and date
- Your heading should include a subject line that references which IR theoretical paradigm you are using to explain the given issue (liberalism)

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The Organization of United Nations is one of the fundamental and probably the most important international organization in the world. The organization was founded back in 1945 after the bloody World War II that has brought the world so much misery and pain and that has devastated the world economy. United Nations are formed in order to promote international peace, security and cooperation amongst their member states.

It is important to note that when a country joins the United Nations, the country does not suffer any loss in its sovereignty i.e. all the member states remain fully independent states while they can influence the world politics by cooperating with other member states of the UN. As being the direct result of the Second World War, United Nations is advocating mechanisms that are oriented towards the implementation of a world-wide peace....

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