Choose a topic and think of a good analytical question that elicits not just a yes/no answer, but rather a “how” or a “why” and that includes a discussion of implications or consequences.
You are introducing an issue, providing a summary of what has been written up to this point on that subject identifying who’s who in this field and what their main arguments are, and then problematizing current knowledge on the subject to finally propose your own position or argument.

Compare the Occupy Wall Street Movement to the Argentina protests/riots in 2001 following their economic crisis.
Examine the effect violence has on a protest; is violence needed to make a movement successful?
If you look at the Occupy Wall Street Movement, it was a fairly peaceful protest, whereas the Argentina riots were very violent (for example, people went out on the streets with pots and pans and broke bank windows..etc).

This should be approx 6-7 pages long.

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Occupy Wall Street and the Argentina Protests of 2001:
Failures and Successes
Over the past four years, several protest groups have mobilized in an attempt to gain influence for their causes. Occupy Wall Street, the left-leaning protest group, which formed rapidly in 2011, railed against the economic inequities that are still plaguing the United States today. Their record of success is mixed; they were able to coin the phrase “99%” in a strong effort to delineate the working class from the upper class, which is currently reaping all the profits in the American economy. However, the Occupy Wall Street movement was very unpopular in the corporate media, which always depicted them as dirty, lazy, disorganized, unclear about a motive, and in some respects, criminal due to their socioeconomic status. Occupy attempted to engage with the larger world, but did not know how to do so in a diplomatic matter. The movement also had very little support from the upper class; therefore, Occupy failed in achieving its primary goal, a large tax raise on America’s top earners They were perceived as a threat to social order due to the fact that they took over a social space (Zuccotti Park) without the consent of the citizens living in that New York City neighborhood. Therefore, when the police threatened to evict the protesters, many New York citizens backed law enforcement’s efforts. Occupy turned into an insular movement whose members spoke mainly to each other....

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