This is a paper of max 1500 words (including notes, excluding bibliography) on a subject Understanding Terrorism. This is one of the subjects that have been discussed in class (combined with extra material).

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Following September 11 attacks, the use of different types of terrorism to improve the global security has become a norm. For example, in 2017, several European major cities including London, Barcelona, and Manchester were recipients of a multitude of politically instigated terror attacks (Maher, 2017). Terrorism can be state or non-state. On the one hand, Khan (2006) defines state terrorism as situations where state instrumentalities, such as law enforcement agencies and defense forces, employ the use of genocide, torture, and other crimes against humanity either to suppress the threat of foreign enemies or to control known groups within or without the national territories. On the other hand, Khan (2006) asserts that non-state terrorism defines a form of terrorism that usually occurs whenever non-state actors that operate covert or overt in support of a state are the actual perpetrators of terror. Regardless of the type, the use of terrorism for philosophical and political reasons has been a subject of controversy (Steinhoff, 2007). This paper will attempt to argue that the use of terrorism as just war is not justified at least because it creates an imbalance to human rights while violating the Kantian traditions. To prove this premise, the paper will first present the arguments against terrorism based on consequentialism. The next section will encompass an explanation of the opposing views concerning the standpoint mentioned above as presented by the consequentialists. The ultimate theme of the paper will be to depict...

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