Second Paper Assignment

For your second paper assignment, choose one of the following four prompts, which correspond to your annotated bibliographies. You might choose the topic that you explored before, or pivot to a new one. It is up to you.

 The global multilateral free trade regime is dead and it is time to negotiate smaller trade deals with fewer states, or pull out of the free trade game altogether. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? What are the pluses and minuses of different options?

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The State of Global Multilateral Free Trade

Immediately after the Second World War, the world entered into an era of trade agreements. There was consensus, during that period, that cooperative ways was the best approach for rebuilding the world economy which had been significantly damaged by the War (Baldwin 16). The preposition of free trade became fully accepted in the decades that followed. The underlying presumption was that free trade was ideal for the world due to its impact in improving the economic welfare of the world (Chaney 3601). Free trade often involves the elimination of factors that impede international trade. These factors include quotas, tariffs and other impediments from government that could negate the idea of free trade (Luke 20). Free trade thus allows each country that is a party to that agreement to specialize goods that it can produce better compared to other countries (Baier and Jeffrey 64). These developments on trade have led to significant progress in liberalizing global trade and the creation of a rule-based multilateral trading system which is under...

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