The Impact of Coronavirus on American Political Economy
Write a paper on the topic above. Include:
Abstract (team of the paper one paragraph)
Introduction (a paragraph or two)
Theoretical framework (What is the theory that explains your paper, who said or wrote about it)
Literature review (Provide the debate around your topic,
Who wrote about the topic, supporters and opponents of the topic, e.g. China will dominate the world vs. China can’t dominate the world;
Analysis (This is your own argument

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The American foreign policy towards Cuba has remained the same for almost 50 years illustrating one of the longest standoffs in international relations in the Americas. Both nations have a long history of Cold-War era embargos that have restricted economic, cultural, diplomatic, and social relations . Nevertheless, Cuba is relatively a small country in terms of political, economic, or military resources compared to the US. Nevertheless, the U.S has continually frustrated any efforts to ease up on strict restrictions regarding its foreign policy towards Cuba. Even in recent events, the trend is the same as the United States continues to frustrate efforts towards rapprochement and an end to the 50-year embargo on trade and bilateral relations. The US-Cuban foreign relations present a unique case of International Relations (IR) where it is important to explain the reasons and theories behind these events.
The following paper aims at taking a constructivist approach to understanding American foreign policy towards Cuba. The constructivist approach aims at illustrating how such relations between the two countries are socially constructed through social interaction and practice. The paper will rely on a literature review to understand how the current foreign relations between America and Cuba were constructed. Through the constructivist approach, the historical foreign relations between the U.S and Cuba are based on different social practices and interactions. The interactions and practices have developed an ideology where America views communist Cuba as a threat to Democracy, thus a threat to the national interest or security of the country.
Theoretical Framework
The nature of U.S-Cuban foreign relations is a special case since it has lasted for over 50 years illustrating a new aspect in international relations. Based on the historical development of foreign policy and the long standoff between the two countries, it is ideal to use the constructivism approach to international relations. Constructivism developed from a consistent criticism of other theories of international relations such as neoliberalism and neorealism. Constructivism is a term that was coined by Nichols Onuf in an attempt to explain how international relations are socially constructed . Moreover, Alexander Wendt and John Ruggie are considered as the founders of constructivism in international relations . All these founders and thinkers argued that international relations are a result of social interactions and practice. The founders argued against the neorealist approach that contends that international affairs are the result of rational choices and decisions . The neorealist approach illustrates that countries engage in relations to maximize their benefits while minimizing their losses as rational agents . However, the constructivism approach argues that countries engage in IR as part of social interactions and relationships. According to Mathew, the constructivism approach is shaped by the identities and practices of actors, which is influenced by the changing...

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