What is the democratic peace thesis and what are its implications for understanding and trying to improve international politics?
Please be argumentative rather than descriptive.

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Today when we discuss democracy and its implications to our daily life we tend to forget the influence that this idea had on the humans in general and as a consequence we divert our focus to laic interpretations of the tem itself. The modern day liberal democracy is the corner stone of the contemporary development of the Western world and an idea that is believed to be behind the project of achieving sustainable peace among states and nations. Democratic peace theory, a thesis developed in the second half of the 20th century, is a part of the ideology of liberalism.

Democratic peace thesis represents a theory that claims that countries which are liberal democracies i.e. have democratically elected governments, free and regular elections, free press and a high level of respect towards human rights, do not go to war with each other. (Morgan 34) This thesis, though not fully tested as majority of countries in the world are still not functioning democracies, has been a driving force for the western leaders in their efforts to promote democracy as a government that will bring sustainable peace among nations....
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