Revolutions in the Atlantic World
How did social, economic, ideological, and fiscal problems combine to spark the age of revolution?

Revolution in Energy and Industry
What is class-consciousness?
How did industrialization help produce a new sense among workers of their own social identity?

Ideologies of Change in Europe
What explains the near simultaneous eruption of revolution across Europe in 1848?
How did revolution in one country help trigger revolution in another?
Why did all the revolutions of 1848 fail?

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1. In the Old World, a new middle class, called bourgeoisie was being created out of city dwellers that profited from the trade and commerce boost and they were demanding their share of power from the clerics and nobility mostly by promoting ideology of liberalism. In the New World, the colonists were developing their own social and even national identities as a consequence of life in the new environments over a high number of generations....

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