Global Village or Global Pillage?
Write a paper between four pages, on the video. In this paper you need to use link concepts/ideas discussed in class and in the reading with the video.
First 2 pages to summarize the video and the 2 other pages to discuss which theoretical approach. Double spaced font 12.

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The video “Global Village or Global Pillage?” by Jeremy Brecher demonstrates the constructive approaches that ordinary people globally are applying in handling the effects that globalization has presented to their workplaces, communities, and environments. The documentary weaves a set of sources together including videos of local along with transnational activities, music, interviews, and original video comics (Brecher, 1999). The aim of doing this is to illustrate that ordinary people can empower themselves to address the global economy through a blend of grassroots organizing and mutual support across the globe.
One of the most critical themes presented in the video is the race to the bottom. The speaker identifies that the 21st-century global economy allows firms to pit not only workers but also communities against each other (Brecher, 1999). The aim of doing this is to determine who will provide minimum wages, the cheapest environmental costs, most abusable laborers, the most significant subsidies for business entities. Combating sweatshops is another fundamental theme covered in the video. It is documented that the initiatives...

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