Question: Discuss two theories from the section about the order and use arguments for which of the those best explains global order. Include at least one historical case study to substantiate the argument.

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Although the definition of the term “world order” is disputed, it is agreed that there is a link between democracies and the various types of world orders. According to realists, world order is a system of states where hard power is distributed in such a way that it creates various kinds of orders such as unipolar, bipolar, and multipolar. According to Marxism, world order is an arrangement of actors or players to create such aspects as economic classes and great powers. Nevertheless, there is an agreement that world order is a process in which many players, apart from states and dominant classes have an important place and contribution, including national, regional, and transnational institutions, norms, values, and the global citizens. Consequently, it can be argued that there is a link between the democratization of the world and word order.
To demonstrate the link between the two, it is important to discuss the democratic peace theory and determine how it links with the world order. By definition, the democratic peace theory is the proposition that democracies are peaceful in their foreign approaches...

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