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5- What are the main features of culture globalization; and can it be equated with Americanization?

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Culture globalization and Americanization

Culture globalization and Americanization are among the most essential concepts that have continued taking center stage in political and economic discourses. However, before exploring the current thoughts advanced concerning these theories, it is critical to define the key concepts. One of these is culture, which defines the history, language, religion, values, institutions, and customs that set one community apart from another (Cvetkovich, 2018). Culture can also be termed as a pattern of beliefs along with guides for behaviors learned by individuals as they become full members of the society. Globalization is the process of global interconnectedness in which events and decisions affect people at a global distance, thereby increasing the level of awareness of a person’s global interconnection. Culture globalization, therefore, is the transmission of the distinct cultural features of a given community globally thereby extending or intensifying the social relations. Americanization, on its part, is the influence that the U.S. culture exerts on other global cultures. Thus, despite the debatable uniqueness of the underlying distinct elements, culture globalization ought to be equated to Americanization.
The main features of culture globalization
Culture globalization is defined by a set of distinctive features, some of which are debatable. One of the most important is the clash of civilization thesis. As learned from the course, the clash of civilizations prevails as the most crucial factor that brings rise to conflicts across the world in the post-cold war era. Clashes might take place at micro-levels or macro-levels. A good example of the micro-level conflicts is where ethnic tribe within states clash over a specified subject matter. An instance of the macro-level conflict is that of China with its Sinic cultural values and those of the U.S. The tension between the U.S. values and those of Islam also reflects the macro...

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