Write a two page essay (700 words) indicating whether you believe the Judicial Branch is impartial. Judges are appointed by elected officials in most states and all Federal Judge are appointed by the President and confirmed by the U. S. Senate. Federal Judge are never subjected to voter approval and cannot be removed unless impeached which is nearly impossible. State Judges in California can be removed by a Committee on Judicial Performance and also must run for election every 6 years. Which is better? Are Judges inherently political and is the law subject to political interpretation? Cite examples to support your view.

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The impartiality of the judicial branch
The judicial branch makes up one of the paramount arms of the government. The role of this branch is to interpret laws and apply them in legal cases. The argument concerning the neutrality of the American judicial system is increasingly a subject of controversy. Those who argue for the impartiality of the branch usually point to the idea that the professionals who make up the judicial system are often appointed by elected officials. For example, at the federal level, the president appoints the judges while the senate often confirms them. Irrespective, it is appropriate to express that judges are inherently political since they subject law to political interpretation...

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