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The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and '60s was but one episode in the long struggle for human rights in this country. Upon reflecting on the quotations noted below, discuss your understanding of the struggle for equality during the Civil Rights Movement. Reflect on significant events, people or reforms that influenced the Civil Right's Movement as America advanced in the effort to overcome racism.

      1. "As we marched, three and four across, in a solid parade around the two downtown blocks, the whites, four deep at the curbs, crowded against the barriers, hissing, booing, and shouting obscenities."

    2.   "While I led a group of ministers, there were Humanists, atheists, Jews, Lawyers, teachers, and others beside us all the way, helping our cause of desegregation and rights for all."

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These quotes show two different perspectives of who was engaged in the Civil Rights movement. In the first quote, we find that from the speaker’s perspective, whites appeared opposed to those marching for Civil Rights, while in...

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