The short answer assignment is based on the Annenberg film assigned for this week; the film is titled The Death of the Old Regime (#39).

1. To the Federalists like Alexander Hamilton, democracy was nearly the same thing as what?
2. Eugen Weber (the film's lecturer) states that "While the formal example of revolution may have been given in Philadelphia, the effective example was going to be given..." where?
3. Noting that the French revolutionaries sought a civic ideal of virtue modeled after examples from Ancient Rome, Weber notes that "while virtue doesn't come easily," what does?
4. As an example of the drain on the public resources of the French state represented by the pensions paid to royal favorites, Weber cites the Polignacs, who received pensions equivalent to one and one-half percent of the annual revenues of France for doing nothing, but for doing it how?
5. In noting that the gestures are the same in Jacques Louis David's painting of the critical moment when the Constituent Assembly declared that it would not separate until France had a constitutional government like the Americans, and David's earlier painting of the "Oath of the Horatii", Weber asks "whether this means that art imitates life, or whether artists imitate..." what?

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1. To the Federalists like Alexander Hamilton, democracy was nearly the same thing as anarchy....

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