During the period between 1968 and 2008 the Clinton presidency was the main exception to the Republican domination of American presidential elections (Carter was a brief exception due to the reaction to Watergate), and Clinton was the first Democratic President to win re-election since President Roosevelt. How was Clinton's electoral success possible? Discuss, including in your answer:
1) briefly explain the key factors in the increasing Republican dominance of American politics in the 1980s
2) explain what Clinton did during the 1992 campaign that contributed to his victory and the factors that reduced President Bush's popularity (conclude with an analysis of voting groups that explains where Clinton's support came from)
3) identify Clinton's main accomplishments and failures during his first term as President and how the latter contributed to the results of the 1994 Congressional elections (and explain what the outcome of those elections was)
4) explain what Clinton did after the 1994 elections that helped him gain re-election in 1996 (and include an analysis of how gender affected voting behavior in the 1996 election)

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Clinton Presidency      
1. The social and the economic trends of the two decades before Reagan presidency had brought lots of disillusionment to the American public. The recession together with the high inflation rates during the Carter administration evoked the sense of distrust to the government and a suspicion that the Democratic administration was not the answer that the America needed to return to economic prosperity. The new mood disillusionment was expertly exploited by well-placed individuals to prop up the idea of a limited government that had strong national defenses while promoting the traditional values that the American had long stood for in decades.
The growing surge for limited government in American politics was fronted by conservatives who had been long out of power but had grown resentful of the civil policy supported by the democratic governments. The fundamentalist Christians were guided by the Biblical interpretations and were dismayed by an increase in sexual immorality and crime. Lead by Baptist ministers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson; they wanted to align the American politics with Christian values as observed by Johns (pg.208). Since they were televangelists, they had immense power to sway the voters to the kind of leadership the American needed....

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