Since its earliest days, the United States has aspired to be a society in which all men and women are equal. Throughout our history, we have struggled to achieve this ideal. But throughout our history, we have chosen to continue the struggle. Our political institutions have created a vast number of laws and institutions to help us achieve the goal of equality. (At least nine of the 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution address equality issues and the desire of the American people to achieve a more equal and just society.)

The conundrum of arguing for an equal society is defining what such a society would look like. How do we know when we have achieved the goal of a society where all men and women are equal? Using the course materials, with a focus on this phase’s content, examine either gender or racial equality (or both).

Compose a ‘Letter to the Editor’ (650 words) and an outline for your letter in which you describe the specific aspects and attributes of an equal society. Be certain to construct an argument that establishes credibility by founding it upon objective facts and credible sources. Remember, your job is to demonstrate learning based upon the assigned course materials. Reference at least three of the assigned articles from the course including one from a previous phase of the course.

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Specific aspects and attributes of an equal society: Gender Equality
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
To understand an equal society, it requires the description of what the society would look like, regarding attributes and aspects. Gender equality has been a great concern over centuries, not only in the United States but also in the whole world. In some regions of the world, gender inequality is very prevalent, where the women are regarded as inferior human, as compared to men (Ertan, 2016). Though this has persisted, there is a continuous struggle to achieve gender equality. This has been done through the formulation of policies, aimed at empowering women. However, from practical evidence, there are specific aspects, attributes and strategies of a gender equal society, which has worked in practices. These...

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