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What are the 3 essential aspects of a democracy in your opinion, and tell me why ?
Out of the 3 branches of US government, which one has the potential to be the most dangerous to the civil liberties of Americans? Explain why. Which civil liberties could be violated by that branch?
Scholars say the American Dream is harder to attain in America now compared to the 1950s and 1960s. If you were president, how would you make it more accessible for the average American?

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What are the three essential aspects of democracy in your opinion, and tell me why?
In my opinion, the most essential aspects of democracy include rule by the people, constitutionalism, and liberalism. The rule by the people emphasizes several issues. One of the priorities is popular sovereignty (Bahmueller 12). This principle asserts the idea that members of the public are not only the ultimate authority but also the source of power for the government. Therefore, the public must give consent to anything that the government wishes to do (Bahmueller 12). Another priority is the political equality of each person. Furthermore, the rule of the people focuses on free election along with other forms of civic participation. The essence of this principle is to provide the people with a practical means for determining the party to exercise political power on behalf of the public members. At the same time, elections offer the people with an avenue for monitoring and influencing the behavior of the officials while they are in office. The rule of the people also holds out that, as overseers of the government, the public must have alternative information sources, which implies freedom of the press.
Another important aspect of democracy is constitutionalism, which means the use of statutes to restrict the government by law (Bahmueller 12). Constitutionalism is fundamental considering that it prevents the government from abusing or oppressing the people. This aspect as well obligates the government to protect the fundamental interests, rights, and welfare of the citizens. With constitutionalism...

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