American Government
Writing Assignment
Choose one of the Amendments to study carefully and relate to a modern American issue. For example, you could study the 2nd Amendment and gun laws; the 8th Amendment and the death penalty; the First Amendment and free speech issues, First Amendment and religious freedom, etc; Amendments 4, 5, 6 and issues in criminal law, etc.
In your paper, you must:
Explain the history and reasoning behind the Amendment; (Why was this concept so important it was added to the Constitution? What had happened to make it so crucial?)
Explain the issue related to the Amendment you are exploring; (be objective - what is the issue?
Why is it a problem? Why does it matter? Give examples)
Take a position on the issue, using a logical interpretation of the Amendment to defend your position (you may reference court cases, etc, to support your position)
You should have at least three sources (One source will be the US Constitution) Use MLA format for you sources.
A good place to begin looking at the history and interpretation of an amendment is the Constitution Center.
Minimum 3 pages, double spaced, standard font and margins.

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Immigration and the 14th Amendment
The 14th Amendment to the American Constitution is the focus of this paper. The Amendment guarantees privilege and immunities of citizenship, equal protection, and due process (Brady 16/17). While the five articles defining the 14th Amendment is crucial, it is worth familiarizing with the history of the change is crucial as it helps one to establish the reason for the revision. The journey towards the Amendment started after President Andrew Johnson took over presidency following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Johnson took on the necessary role of integrating the former Confederate States back into the Union after the end of the divisive Civil War (“14th Amendment,” par. 2). The new president, as well, intended to establish the former slaves as equal and free American...

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