Understanding the evolution of the Presidency

The American presidency has evolved from its original vision by the Framers in both power and influence. This in turn has impacted the size and power of the national government, and the expectations American have of the President and their national government.

Write an essay in which you trace the evolution of the presidency. In your essay, explain:
-What was the Framers concern about the power of the Presidency?
-How does the Constitution address this concern through checks and balances? Give an example.
-Why and how have the powers of the Presidency grown over time? (inherent/formal powers)
-Choose two presidents: Washington, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, or FDR and explain at least one of their contributions (each) to the evolution of the presidency.
-How does the current president compare, in your opinion, to those you have studied?
-Explain what is meant by "The power of the President is the power to persuade?" If this is true, how might a President use two way media communication to his or her advantage?

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Writing Assignment #2: Understanding the evolution of the Presidency

The power of the presidency
The most pertinent concern of the Framers was concentrating too much power in the hands of the president (Janda, Berry, and Goldman 298). The Framers’ decision to limit the power was due to their experience with a king who performed deliberate actions that clearly exceeded the legitimate role of the government and such included support for slave trade (Janda, Berry, and Goldman 55). Therefore, the Framers feared that too much power would lead the president into the same path taken by the king. The Constitution addresses this concern through checks and balances. The aim of checks and balances is to provide each of the three branches of the government, namely, the legislative, executive, and judiciary, power over the other. What this means...

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