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Part 1 Forming questions. Translate the following sentences into Arabic to form meaningful questions. 1. Ask a woman where she lives ___________________________________________________________________________ 2- Say that you do no live on Al-Salam Street ___________________________________________________________________________ 3 – Ask a man whether he lives in an apartment or house. ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. Say that your teacher (fem) lives in Canberra. ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. Say that you do not know the French language. ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. Say that you do not know Leila’s address (the address of Leila) ___________________________________________________________________________ 7. Ask a man what his telephone number is. ___________________________________________________________________________ 8. Ask a woman what her address is ___________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 َكم Using the particle Complete the following questions with the appropriate form of the noun in parentheses as in the example. Remember that َكم must be followed by an accusative, singular, indefinite noun and that the ة، ى and ء do not require an alif to seat the double fat7a. ِمثال: َكْم(حاسوب) ِعنَدِك؟َكْمحاسوباً ِعنَدِك؟ 1- َكْم (دّارجة) ِعنَد َك؟ _______________________________________ 2- َكْم (ِمفتاح) على الطاولة؟ ______________________________________ 3- َكْم (هاتِف) في بْيتِ َك؟ _______________________________________ 4- َكْم (َكلِمة) في هذا التَمرين؟ _______________________________________ 5- َكْم (أستاذ) في هذه الجاِمعة؟ _______________________________________

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Part 1:
1. أيها المرأة، أين تسكنين؟
2. أنا لا أسكن فى شارع السلام.
3. أيها الرجل، هل تسكن فى منزل أم فى شقة؟...

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