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Profesional communication
Research paper
Book: Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman
Write 7pages review.
The goal is to write concisely, include examples of the book and focuss on communication and its relevance.
Write paper base on this :
1.give background information on why you chose the book and what you hope to learn
2.what was the main object of the book
3.explain the type of leadership styles characters with the book demonstrated, can be the author
4.pick a character and identify a quality they had that would make them successful in business
5.what were the main lessons
6.pick the most important lesson you learned.

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Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman is book that tries to give orientation into how the mind functions. According to my understanding, the book is an important cog in understanding why people do things the way they do. My choice of this book is informed by the fact that it is based on research and therefore all the information that the author gives is new. In this respect, I have been able to understand some of the behavioral aspects that I have seen many times but I could not understand the reasons behind them. For instance, I have travelled with different people in cars for many times but I did not understand why they keep quiet whenever the driver overtakes. It is now apparent that people fear to distract the driver because they understand that the driver concentrates on the coordinating his moves. He becomes temporarily deaf. In his hypothesis of two systems, the author explains how people the human mind works in perfect coordination. It shows how some involuntary actions that happen to us are initiated. He posits that system one is largely biased. If the bases are validated by System 2, they become beliefs. This, therefore, gives more bases for wishing to interact more with the text. A text that makes the reader develop some interests inspires them to read.
I chose this book because I aspire to understand some of the human behaviors that seem common but they are not. For instance, the author, in the introduction, posits that he thought that politicians are largely predisposed to...

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