Career essay
Write an essay discuss your future in business including career aspirations and address:
What career you would like to pursue?
what inspires you to pursue this career?
Why are you particularly suited for this career? what specific talents and or aptitudes do you have that will make you successful in your career?
Do you have a black up plan and describe?
What is your exit plan? Will you work 30 years and retire? Do you intend to take what you have learned in your career and start your own business?

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I have always dreamed about working in international business. I have dreamed for many years of walking into my office at a Fortune 500 company like [insert name of company you admire] or [insert another name of another company you admire] on Wall Street with a huge window overlooking the New York City skyline.
I am well suited for this career because I am bilingual in English and [insert other language]....
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