This ESL lesson contains four units. Only one lesson unit of the four units is built completely.
Students are intermediate learners, adult ages 18+. Skill focus: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Curriculum Group-Project
The draft is a preliminary draft of your final project. This rough draft includes the following components and will undergo extensive revision before the final product:
1. Description of your teaching context
2. A statement of your teaching and learning beliefs
3. Results of situation analysis
4. Results of pre-course needs analysis (and procedures used to gather information)
5. Statement of goals and outcomes
6. Methods for conducting on-going needs analysis
7. Integrated syllabus for a 36-hour course (or a component of a longer course) divided into 4 units   
8. A list of possible materials, activities and assignments for each unit
9. Questions and concerns about your unit/ project (required)
You do not need to produce the “actual” materials. Remember, you are planning a curriculum NOT a lesson.

Build a 4 units lesson plan that somewhat of relevance to each other following the guidelines listed at the following module.

Module of lesson plan
1. Each Unit (scope and sequence) of the course includes the following and may be presented in any format that makes sense to the group:
• Topic/ theme or content
• Functions
• Language Skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
• Language features (grammar, mechanics, and/or transitions/markers
• Cognitive factors (learning strategies and/or skills)
• Affective Focus (including attitude, self-confidence, anxiety, self- confidence, etc.).
• Learning activities (list some of the activities students will do)
• Assignments list some of the assignments students will do)
• Resources (list any materials you will use, i.e., textbook chapter, other readings, videos, tape recordings, etc.)
2. A description of the Assessment Plan to measure student learning that includes formative assessment methods (during and after units) and summative assessment methods (at the end of the course that includes a rubric or other grading criteria);

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A lesson plan template containing Goals, Standards, Essential Questions, Outcomes, Tasks, and Assessment (contains one complete lesson on Foods of the World, including worksheets)...

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