You may refer to the textbook, dictionary, and reference manual.
Multiple Choice (Level I): Select the correct letter
1. ______ is the only office with air conditioning. (a) Our’s (b) Ours
2. Only you and ______ will be given the battery of tests. (a) he (b) him
3. We are convinced that no one but _____ can decipher the formula. (a) she (b) her
4. Everyone agrees that the student task force and ________ achievements have been significant. (a) its (b) it’s
5. _________ are constructing a mountain cabin that uses solar energy. (a) Him and me (b) He and I
6. I thought that _______ was the house with the white trim. (a) their’s (b) theirs
7. Thomas and __________ expect to be assigned to the mail room. (a) I (b) me
8. Perhaps _________ too soon to reapply for admission. (a) its (b) it’s
9. Have you spoken with Mr. Osborn and ______ about your vacation? (a) she (b) her
10. Special admission passes were given to the others and _________ . (a) we (b) us
11. Do you think _________ time for us to leave? (a) it’s (b) its
12. Mrs. Clayton said that nobody but _________ is qualified to write the report on the Porcupine River. (a) she (b) her
13. The insurance policy mentions a physical examination as one of ________ requirements. (a) its (b) it’s
14. After both the manager and __________ resigned, an investigation took place. (a) he (b) him
15. Everyone was asked to circulate a petition except ____________ . (a) I (b) me
Level II
16. Occasionally an excellent life insurance program is made available to _________ . (a) us (b) we
17. Have you asked the sales representatives, Mr. Charlie and _________, when they can demonstrate the machine? (a) he (b) him
18. The suggestion of a merger intrigued Mr. Jones as much as _______. (a) I (b) me (c) myself
19. A policy manual for new employees was given to the recreation director and _________ , when we first joined the firm. (a) I (b) me (c) myself
20. Nancy was certain that everyone would complete the examination faster than ________ . (a) she (b)her
21. Terry and _______ decided to answer both advertisements for word processing specialists. (a) I (b) me (c) myself
22. Several of ___________ employers find that we need help in designing training programs for new employees. (a) we (b) us
23. Robin asked everyone except Frank and _____________ to participate in the program. (a) he (b) him
24. The manager selected two individuals, Roberta and ________, to attend the luncheon. (a) she (b) her
25. I think that Gretchen is a better administrator than ___________. (a) I (b) me
26. Careless work is objectionable to both Mrs. Clark and ________. (a) I (b) me
27. Since ___________ consumers were not consulted, the product remains unchanged. (a) us (b) we
28. Save a few copies of Gwinuu News for Cheryl and __________. (a) I (b) me
29. Do any of the applicants have better qualifications than __________? (a) she (b) her
30. Mr. Dunbar has only ______________ to consider in making the job change. (a) himself (b) hisself
31. The lockers are not for _________. (a) we (b) us.
Multiple Choice: Hotline Queries
32. It is not __________ late to apply for the job. (a) to (b) too
33. The two books for the course are quite ______________ . (a) dissimilar (b) dis-similar
34. I was ____________ about the outcome of their decision. (a) un-happy (b) unhappy
35. Plans for the acquisition of raw materials, _________ equipment, processed materials, are in progress. (a) and etc. (b) etc.

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Multiple Choice (Level I): Select the correct letter:
1. b) Ours
2. b) him
3. a) its
4. a) I
5. b) it's...
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