1-Are these phrases colloquial “stay in your limits”, “stay within your limits”, and “don’t exceed your limits”.
2-How to talk about time in this context “We need to fix a new time a different time for Saturday’s class”. “ We need to change the class time on/of Saturday”. How to express these ideas in a natural way?

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"1. Are these phrases colloquial “stay in your limits”, “stay within your limits”, and “don’t exceed your limits”."
These three phrases refer to the same: not trying to do things beyond our strength, means or possibilities.
The exact meaning of the word "limit" is a point of reference that establishes the boundaries of a physical extension: a city, a country, a farm, etc.
In this case, the expression is figurative: what is being really said to a person is not that he/she must no go beyond a certain position in space, but should refrain from doing something for whatever reason might be argued.
Despite the disparity between the exact meaning of the words in the sentence and the one the people assign to them, it is this last meaning what prevails in the common usage. That is why they are colloquial expressions: in the everyday colloquium (dialogue), nobody will understand or use the exact meaning but the figurative.
It happens because as somebody said: the langue belongs to people and they do whatever pleases them to accomplish its main goal: communication....

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