The Best Possible Action That Can Be Taken In Response To Global Climate Crises (790 words)

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In a single, in-class typed paper of approximately 600-750 words, write a comparison and contrast essay that focuses on TWO potential responses to climate change and that answers the following question:
What is the best possible action that can be taken in response to global climate crises?
Your paper will follow standard structure and have TWO to THREE body paragraphs in addition to your introduction and conclusion
Body paragraph structure must follow either a POINT BY POINT comparison structure or a SUBJECT BY SUBJECT comparison structure
Your subject of comparison will be two potential responses to climate change and your points of comparison will be the different positive or negative impacts they would have on the climate.
Your paper must establish a specific paper focus that connects with the topic and is not too general. This includes having a clearly chosen type of change created by responses to climate change.

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The global climate crises are perhaps the most intrusive problem the world has experienced since the world wars. At the heart of the crises is warming of the world in which temperatures go well beyond the standards. Consequently, every region across the world has experienced problematic outcomes, including rising sea levels, intense flooding, rapid dissertation, and hurricanes. Research shows that the major contributor to climate change is human activities, mainly the production and use of a conventional source of energy, that is, electricity. Thus, most of the solutions primarily target this area. Two of the most suitable solutions include the adoption of efficient energy systems and introducing strict carbon laws such as the carbon tax. This paper will seek to compare...
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