Write about 600-700 words on ONE of the following:
1. Write a story which ends with a shocking telephone call.
2. 'He who hesitates is lost.' Write a story to illustrate this saying.
3. Write a story which begins with the following sentence: 'As I turned towards the sunse hand on my shoulder.'
4. Write a story in which someone learns an important lesson.
5. You see someone you know being forced into an unfamiliar building by a group of n people. What do you do next?

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Narrative Writing

As I turned toward the sunset, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Its cold yet vital pulsation sent shivers down my spine. I instantly got a nervous shaking, as I was holding onto the edge of the rock where I sat to observe the sunset and think about my situation. Although I must have reacted in a matter of seconds, the memory comes back in flashbacks and echoes, almost as if frozen in time. I feel like I was so paralyzed by my circumstances of the time that my brain somehow preserved this particular memory as if it had lasted a lifetime. In order for you to understand these emotions, I need to give you more insight into what was happening in my life at the time.
The reason I decided to go to the cliffs just below my...

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