Read the article: Why social media is the new public pillory: Mallick, then write an outline about it.

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Topic Sentence: The author (Mallick, 2015), quotes past and recent incidences on social media platforms that have seen social media users attack people who have held a different opinion from them or made an innocent remark out of error that has seen them jeered or humiliated on social media platforms.
Supporting Reason 1: The function and the influence of social media has been overblown.
Details: The social media platforms are used by everyone and there is no control as to who can join what platform and use it because there are no rules.
Explanation: therefore, the author is of the opinion that this is one of the contributing factors that has allowed users to contribute on anything anyhow which sometimes has led to making of careless statements or unverified facts.
Example 1: Amanda Lang, the Canadian journalist and CBC correspondent matter was blown out of context by social media users.
Example 2: Nelson Mandela’s...
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