You have to choose a research topic that interests you, conduct systematic research on that topic to find resources, select the best and the most relevant resources, and write an annotated bibliography of those resources (1) describing the search process you used for finding and selecting each resource and (2) evaluating each resource selected.

Step 1: Choose a topic to research and narrow it down.

Step 2: Conduct systematic research on your topic and compile a list of sources. Your sources must include:

1 Book
1 article from a popular magazine or newspaper
1 Scholarly article
1 Gov Doc or 1 more scholarly journal article to replace the Gov Doc
1 Web site
Note: Choose your sources carefully. All of them must be credible, up to date, and directly related to your topic.

Step 3: Write an annotated bibliography of the resources that you have collected in your research under Step 2.

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The title for the research paper to be written is ‘Heart Attack among Geriatric Patients with Coronary Heart Disease’. The fact that the dead toll from Heart Diseases keeps rising motivated me to research on heart attack. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (2013), 735,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack annually, of which 525,000 new cases of heart attack while the remaining 210,000 happen are old cases of heart attack.
Annotated Bibliography

1. Beal, A. (2014). Prevent heart disease in women. Women's Health, (21), 12-23. Retrieved from
This is an article from a popular magazine ‘Women’s Health’. The article is deemed important because it explores the heart problems among women, thereby supporting the current topic. The article was located by typing the words ‘Heart Attack among Magazine’; after which Women Health Magazine was selected. In contained one article on heart titled ‘Prevent heart disease in women’ and it was chosen....
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