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Guidelines for Fiction Critical Analysis Essay on Lusus Naturae by Margaret Atwood

Write a 850 word critical analysis essay using the elements of Fiction (plot, narration and point of view, character, setting, symbol and figurative language, and theme).

I suggest that you look at the “Questions about...” to get ideas for content dealing with each element.

You can find those questions on the following pages in the book:

Plot p. 89, Narration and Point of View p. 164, Character p. 187, Setting p.250-51, Symbol and Figurative Language p. 289-90, and Theme p. 337.
This is an academic paper, so it should be in 3rd person and contain some research.

In a word document attached to this assignment, submit your rough draft for the Fiction Analysis Essay.

The rough draft must be at least 850 words minimum. If it is less than 850 words you will receive 0 points. 3 pages

It has an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should include your working thesis, the title of your short story, and the author of the short story.
This is your analysis. The rough draft should be only your words and thoughts, but you can use references from the text itself.

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Lusus Naturae by Margaret Atwood is an outstanding example of the short story genre. Even though its plot seems to be quite realistic, Lusus Naturae has reach symbolism and imagery and includes elements of fantasy and horror story.

The principal theme of Lusus Naturae is humanism, dignity and the right to love and to be loved of each and every human being no matter how different from the majority.
A parallel theme which is developed in the story is the inner “demons” of violence, betrayal and intolerance that may be hiding deep inside us.

The title of the story is unusual. I believe very few people know what the Latin expression “lusus naturae” means. Early in the story one of the secondary characters, a medical doctor, explains it meaning, “freak of the nature.” From my point of view the title is telling the reader two things: first, it suggests that the story is about something unusual or even weird.

Second, it essentially says that the fact that the main protagonist...

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