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Research Question.
Develop your answer between 4-5 pages long. Use in-text cites and provide references on the final page using basic APA reference style. Use a minimum of 3 references. NOTE: How to use APA Style basics on cites and references required for this assignment can be found easily on the web.

Booth notes that Italy, Germany and Spain have larger addict populations per capita than the US. Do some research on some other country, anywhere else in the world.   Discuss their own drug problem (opioid and other drugs) and how that country seems to be dealing with it. Provide a conclusion with your own opinion.

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The prescription and illicit drug use has become a worldwide problem, source of grave social and financial problems, only in the US, the total number of death in the year 2017, due to overdose was 70,237.
This problem affects all of the world countries, even the most developed, which despite the allocation of resources have not eliminated the issue, however some of them have achieved a significant reduction on its incidence, and among them is Norway
The drugs most commonly used in Norway are the cannabis in the first place, MDMA (ecstasy) in second place, and cocaine at similar level. The main consumers are adult young males, while for females the prevalence is lower. The use of new psychoactive substances is very low for the adult population.
The possession and consume of minor quantities is forbidden with fine penalties, even imprisonment, and the elaboration, trade and trafficking of narcotic drugs are prohibited.
In 2016, there were 282 drug-related deaths, and the date rate among the people aged between 15 and 64 years was 75 deaths per million, the majority were males.
The higher risk for drug users arises from the use of injections, making them more susceptible to infections. The contamination of heroin and its mixing...

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