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For this assignment, you will need to complete To Kill A Mockingbird. This assignment will be a project-based assignment that will enable you to showcase your creativity as well as your understanding of the work. There will be a number of facets to this project, so make sure you complete each component.

Part I: After reading the courtroom scene where Atticus Finch gives his closing argument in defense of Tom Robinson, watch the scene as it is played so eloquently by Gregory Peck (attached to this document). Once you have watched the scene, you will create a side-by-side comparison of both the scene in the text and the scene in the movie. Pay special attention to the tone in both the text and in the movie scene. How are they alike? Different? Pay attention to the diction Atticus uses in his closing argument? What stands out for you? Why? Is Atticus convincing? How so? Does Atticus make his case for Tom Robinson? In what ways do you feel he does (or doesn't ) make a case for his client? Pay attention to the atmosphere of the courtroom? How does it coincide with Atticus's closing argument? What do you notice at the very end of the courtroom scene in the movie that speaks volumes about Atticus's moral character? How does this scene define the true theme of the text? This comparison paper MUST be at least TWO (2) typed pages in length, typed, double-spaced.

Part II: This is the part where you can get a bit creative and showcase your understanding of the text through various options. Of the options listed below, choose ONE. You may do this project on your own or choose to couple up with one of your classmates. Either way, you will have the opportunity to be work on your own or with one of your classmates to create an ORIGINAL piece based upon the option you choose.


Design, label and create a CD of at least FIVE (5) ORIGINALLY MADE songs dealing with one of the following themes from the novel:


--Human understanding and compassion

--Individual consciences

Bear in mind that the lyrics to these songs MUST align and coincide with the theme you have chosen as well as include facets of the novel in them. In other words, make sure that the novel is appropriately and effectively represented in each of the five songs. Remember, the object of this project is to show your understanding of how a theme connects with the novel. When you design, label and create your CD cover for your CD, you could take a picture of it and send it along with the original songs or embed the cover into your submission. **Each song must be a minimum of 20 lines long**

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walking down the stairs and through the hall
out to the porch and behind the door
sitting on the stairs, gazing into the dark
listening to hum of the leaves in the park

no one passes by; the street sleeps in the dark
no one dares to cry; no one dares to fly
no one feels the scent of the old oak tree
no one’s there but him

birds are friends that need no proof
into the attic would they often fly
a song blowing off the old house roof
a man longing for freedom and love

a lonely soul needs a song of love
while these bars need the keys
people turning heads, people running by
when a heart breaks, the soul is to squeeze

tender are emotions hidden
behind some of these twisted minds
but many people think it's forbidden
to walk across these thick-drawn lines

a man in the prison cell
looking back at life
the life that turned into hell
one hot summer night

he only wanted to give a hand
the hand was torn, misused
ran away from the unfair game
ran but been accused

dawn is breaking; the sun is rising...

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