Write a Research Paper about An American Tragedy in MLA Format.

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An American Tragedy, a story that stresses the modernization, urbanization and alienation of one another, trying to describe the life of individual that is determined by heredity, environment he is in and the chances he has. An American Tragedy walks us into the life and story of Clyde Griffiths, a man that grew up in a lower class family, yet that believes in the American dream. He has very little self-awareness, and the possibility to progress and achieve the dream – success, wealth and prosperity. After he has been through the series of no prospects jobs, he moves to Lycurgys, New York, to work for his uncle in a textile factory. When Clyde and his girlfriend discover that they are expecting a child, Roberta, his girlfriend wants marriage, which would require that Clyde gives up of his dream, instead he abandons Roberta in the pursuit of wealth.
An American dream symbolizes the...
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