Water Supply In Arid Regions Of Jordan - Recommendation Report (1260 words)

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Should you invest in a range of water provision methods?
Write a recommendation report for a government agency in a region of your choice in which you recommend a method of your choice.
You must consider the following requirements when comparing water provision methods:
- Public Acceptance,
- Water Quality
- 1200 words, with subheadings and numbering.

Contents page
A page which lists all sections and gives page numbers for each
1. Introduction
Explanation of the situation
These sections can be presented
and aims of the report
together or separately.
2. Background
Background information
3. Presentation of options
Introduction of the options
4. Requirements
What are the needs that must be met? (Can be a detailed set of needs or
a general statement)
5. Comparison of options
A description of the features of the options e.g. strong or weak points
and should be compared in terms of the requirements
6. Conclusions
A summary of the key findings of the report
7. Recommendations
Suggestions based on the conclusions
8. References
9. Appendix

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Water represents one of the most basic human needs, and it is a necessity for life in general. Water is used by every living thing; for drinking, in agriculture, in industrial purposes, for leisure, transport and a vast variety of other activities.
However, there still exist arid regions that lack water as a consequence of different factors. Climate changes, fast growing population, ozone layer damaging and global warming are some of the factors influencing water quantity and quality. The lack of water supply in certain areas means that people have a hard time surviving in those areas over a longer time period.
Worldwide, 30% of land area is arid and yet populated, representing a large disadvantage for socio-economic development for those areas. Water allocation requires sustainability that would advance the society, environment and economy, while providing effective water supply.
One of the four most arid countries in the world is Jordan , located in the Middle East on the East Bank of Jordan River, with around one half of the land being a part of Arabian Dessert...
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