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Part 2 (19 points)
Now pretend you are Paul's sister from the paragraph above. REWRITE the following sentences in the passé compose as if she were telling the story. Be sure to add the correct form of the auxiliary and make the past participles agree if necessary.

1. J'écris cet après-midi des cartes postales a mes amies.
2. Mon frère va au magasin; je reste chez nous.
3. Mon frere achète des cartes que jaime bien.
4. Il rentre plus tard que le facteur.
5. Je ne suis pas fâchée parce que mon frère ne court pas vite.

Part 3 (15 points)
REWRITE the following sentences using the new subjects given.
L'homme qui a eu mal a la tête est un ami
La fille qui a eu mal a la tête est une amie.
1. La femme
2. Michèle et Monique
3. Jean et Janine

REWRITE the following sentence using the new antecedents of the object que which are given.
Remember to make agreement on the past participle if needed.
Le livre qu'ils ont acheté a ete cher.
1. La voiture
2. Les médicaments
3. Les potions

Part 4 (10 points)
REWRITE the following sentences in the negative, also changing them to the passe composé.
Watch for agreement of past participles and use of de after a negation.
1. Je mange des bonbons après le dîner.
2. Robert écrit des lettres en français.
3. Elle fait des tartes pour sa famille.
4. Vous faites des devoirs pendant l'été.
5. On achète de jolis timbres au tabac.

Part 5 (5 points)
WRITE an original French sentence using each adverb given in parentheses.
1. (bientôt)
2. (bien)
3. (fréquemment)
4. (ne pas, encore)
5. (déjà)

Part 6 (10 points)
COMPLETE the following sentences by giving a date in numbers (day, month, and year) and then writing out the entire date in French words.
Example: 6/15/2008-le quinze juin, deux mille huit
1. Le jour de la Bastille est (1789)
2. Mon anniversaire est
3. L'anniversaire de (le nom d'un ami) est
4. Je vais graduer du lycée
5. C'est aujourd'hui.

Part 7 (15 points)
WRITE OUT the following amounts of money which are given in euro(s) and cents. Use this format: 2.000,20 - deux mille euro(s) et vingt centimes. (Remember that in French, the commas and periods are the opposite of English!)
1. 3.199,45
2. 221.774,71
3. 1.243,80

Part 8 (20 points)
COMPOSITION. Write 100 words or more on the topic below. You may choose to write either a descriptive paragraph or a dialogue. Be sure to use complete French sentences, and avoid using expressions that have not been introduced by this course. If you need help expressing your thoughts, consult your course materials rather than a translator or dictionary. This will enable you to communicate more accurately in French.
Write a rough draft on a separate sheet of paper or typed document. Before you write your final draft, edit your writing by using your checking and spelling. Be sure to use complete sentences, correct capitalization, and punctuation. You should write a paragraph of at least 10-12 complex sentences and at least 100 words.
OPTIONS: Write a letter to a friend or create an imaginary conversation with a friend in which you discuss a recent visit you made to the doctor. Explain why you went, what happened during the visit, and what the doctor advised / prescribed you to do as a result. Tell your friend what you did afterwards. Demonstrate a good fluency with the vocabulary and expressions from the "Chez le docteur" content.

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1. J’ai écrit cet après-midi des cartes postales à mes amies.
2. Mon frère est allé au magasin ; je suis restée chez nous.
3. Mon frère a acheté des cartes que j’aime bien.
4. Il est rentré plus tard que le facteur.
5. Je n’ai pas été fâchée parce que mon frère ne court pas vite...

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