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Présentation Écrite - Summative Assignment
You are going to be writing an essay comparing your movie preferences and habits to those of your family members and/or friends. Begin by creating two additional questions for the survey below. Try and come up with questions that ask for information (avoid oui/non questions). Answer the questions yourself. Then, interview at least 3 different people (you may conduct the interview in English if they do not speak French OR challenge yourself and contact a classmate or two and practice your French)!!
Then, write an essay comparing and contrasting your movie preferences and habits. Think about different grammar structures we have learned this year (imparfait, comparatif, superlatif, futur, conditionnel, subjonctif) and see if you can incorporate those into your essay. Your essay should be at least 75 words long. Please type your essay and submit it with your survey results.

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Les genres de films que j’aime, ce sont les drames historiques, parce qu’ils sont très intéressants et parce qu’ils me font remonter le temps et racontent des histoires vraies sur des personnages qui ont réellement existé. Scott et Nikki ont...

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