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Translate the following text: UNIT VI. SUMMARY OF FIRST AND SECOND DECLENSION ADJECTIVES; POSSESSION ecce! in medio fugae, Metabus Amasenum, fluvium altum et latum, videbat. subito, magnus timor règem (acc.) rapiebat. Metabus in ripã stäbat et exclamäbat: "mécastor! SI trans fluvium natabo, Camillam portäre non potero! nisi trans fluvium natabo, Volsci mé necabunt! eheu! quid agam? quomodo filiam carissimam medium, -il n. the middle; fuga, -ae f. flight; Amasenus, -1 m. Amasenus a river in Latium; fluvius, = -il m. river, altus, -a, -um high, deep; latus, -a, -um wide; subito adv. suddenly, règem = king; ripa, -ae f. bank, shore, si conj. if, nisi conj. if. not ; nato, -äre swim; agó, -ere do; cärissimam = very dear forte, rex telum immäne (acc.) manü dextrã (abl.) ferebat. Camillam ad telum celeriter adligäbat. tum Metabus telum surgebat et deam Dianam oräbat: "o dea alma, filia Latonae! ego, pater, famulam tibi voveo! filia mea Volscos fugit! o dea, cultrix nemorum, accipe Camillam, tuam famulam! serva filiam meam!" forte - by chance: immäne - immense; mano dextra ####### with his right hand; ferö, ferre carry, celeriter adv. swiltly; adligo, -are bind, tic; surgo, -ere raise; oro, -are pray to, almus, -a, -um nourishing; Latona, -ae f. Leto mother of Diana and Apollo: ego -/ famula. -ae f tibi ######## to you; voveo, -ere dedicate, vow: cultrix = guardian: nemorum (gen ) ####### of olere aceino ane accont servó Lire forte - by chance; immäne = immense; manü dextra = with his right hand; fero, ferre carry; celeriter adv. swiftly; adligö, -are bind, tie; surgo, -ere raise; orö, -äre pray to; almus, -a, -um nourishing; Latona, -ae f. Leto mother of Diana and Apollo; ego = I; famula, -ae f. maid-servant; tibi - to you; voveö, -êre dedicate, vow; cultrix = guardian; nemorum (gen.) = of glens, of shaded meadows; accipo, -ere accept, receive; servõ, -äre save ut Volsci appropinquäbant, Metabus telum trans Amasenum fluvium iactäbat. dea Diana Metabi precem (acc.) audiëbat et regem (acc.) adiuväbat. nam, telum immäne minimam Camillam ad ripam contrariam tüte portäbat. tum Metabus trans fluvium natäbat. ita Metabus erat tutus et Camilla erat tuta! iactõ, - äre throw, hurl; prêcem = prayer; rêgem = king; adiuvõ, -äre help; ripa, -ae f. bank, shore; contrarius, -a, -um opposite; tüte adv. safely; natõ, -äre swim; tütus, -a, -um safe diu Metabus cum Camillã per multãs terrãs erräbat. mox Camilla erat femina matura. régina manüs (acc.) colo (dat.) Minervae non däbat, sed armis (dat.) Dianae. nüllus vir eam in matrimonium ducebat, sicut nullus deus divinam virginem in matrimonium ducebat. nam Camilla erat bellatrix. réginae pedes erant celerrimi; et eius cursus ventõs relinquebat! fibula aurea crinem (acc.) internectébant régina pharêtram umero et telum manü dextrã ferebat. manüs = hands; colus, -I m. distaff a machine for weaving; arma, -örum n. weapons; nüllus, -a, -um no, none; eam (acc.) = her; sicut = just as; bellatrix = warrior-woman; pedês === feet; celerrimi = very fast; cursus = running; ventus, -1 m. wind; relinquõ, -ere leave behind; fibula, -örum n. clasp; aureus, -a, -um golden, of gold; crinem = hair; internectö, -ere bind; pharêtra, -ae f. quiver; umero = on her shoulder; manü dextrã = with her right hand ubi Turnus Camillam vocäbat, régina multos Volscos in proelium ducebat.

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Look! In the middle of the flight, Metabus saw Amasenus, a deep and wide river. All of a sudden, a great fear seized the king. Metabus sat down on the shore and cried out: “By Castor! If I will swim across the river, I will not...

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