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Be sure to use the vocabulary given below the story in your translation.

Postquam Ulixes in bello Troiano pugnavit, cum duodecim viris ad insulam Cyclopum navigavit. Cyclops Polyphemus in caverna habitabat. In caverna viri cibum invenerunt et eum edebant. Polyphemus pastor erat et oves in cavernam duxit. Graecos vidit et, "Heus!" clamavit.
"Cur in caverna mea estis? Cibum meum editis!" Cyclops paucos viros in manibus magnis habebat et dixit, "Nunc poenas dabitis!" Viros edit! Graeci valde timebant.
Tandem Polyphemus dormiebat. Dum stertebat, Graeci trabem acrem parabant. Cum ea oculum eius fixerunt. O infelix Polyphemus! "Quis estis? Cur mihi nocetis?" clamavit. “'Nemo' nomen mihi est!” Ulixes Cyclopi respondit.
Alii Cyclopes clamorem audiverunt et ad cavernam contenderunt. Unus ex eis Polyphemum rogavit, "Cur clamas?" "Nemo me nocet!" ei respondit. "Bene," Cyclops dixit. Tum Cyclopes adsuas cavernas revenerunt.

Postquam - after
Ulixes - Ulysses (Odysseus)
Troianus, -a, -um - Trojan
Cyclops, Cyclopis, m - Cyclops; plural Cyclopes (one-eyed monsters)
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi - fight
navigo, navigare, navigavi - sail
Polyphemus, -i, m. - Polyphemus (one of the Cyclopes)
caverna, -ae, f - cave
eum (translate as neuter)
edo, edere, edi - eat
pastor, pastoris, m - shepherd
ovis, ovis, f - sheep
heus - hey
pauci, -ae, -a - few, a few
manus, manus, f - hand
nunc - now
poenas dabitis = you will pay the penalty
valde - very
timeo, timere, timui - fear, be afraid
tandem - at last
dormio, dormire, dormivi - sleep
sterto, stertere, stertui - snore
trabes, trabis, f - log, timber
ea (translate as neuter)
eius = his
fingo, fingere, fixi - pierce
infelix - unlucky, unhappy
clamo, clamare, clamavi - shout
Nemo = Nobody
nomen mihi = my name
respondeo, respondere, respondi - reply
alius, alia, aliud - some other
clamor, clamoris, m - shout
contendo, contendere, contendi - hurry
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum - ask
bene - fine, OK
suus, sua, suum - their
revenio, revenire, reveni - return

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After Ulysses fought in the Trojan War, he sailed on the Cyclops Island with 12 men. The Poliphemus Cyclop lived in the cave. In the cave, men found food and ate it. Polyphemus was a shepherd and brought sheep in the cavern....

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