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1. Quod filius consulis multam pecuniam vobis debet, ille semper tristis est.

Is it the consul's son who is always sad despite making so much money?
My son the consul takes a lot of money from you and that's why you are always sad.
Because the son of the consul owes you a lot of money, he is always depressed.

2. Mea etiam soror cara consuli amico pecuniam mittebat quod ille ea bene intellegit.

Even my dear sister was sending money to the friendly consul because he understands things well.
My sister admits her friend was a consul because she understands the situation well.
Even my dear sister sends money to the friendly consul because he will understand things well.

3. Tarquinius mala agere audebat quod amorem vitii numquam vincebat.

Tarquinius dared to accomplish bad things and he will never conquer his desire for crime.
Tarquinius felt bad about aging because love never conquered him in life.
Tarquinius dared to accomplish bad things because he never conquered his desire for crime.

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1. Because the son of the consul ...

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