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Question 1
Part I. Translate the following selection.
Line 1. Quid facis, Catalina? Quid cogitas? Sensimus magna vitia
Line 2. insidiasque tuas. O tempora! O mores! Senatus haec
Line 3. intellexit, consul vidit. Hic tamen vivit. Vivit? Etiam in
Line 4. senatum venit; etiam nunc consilia agere audit; oculis
Line 5. designabat ad mortem nos! Et nos, boni viri, nihil facimus!
Line 6. Ad mortem te, Catalina, consul et senatus ducant.

Respondete Latine, quaeso! (Answer in COMPLETE Latin sentences, please!) The answers to the following questions are in the translation.
Question 2.       Quid sensit Cicero?

Question 3. Quis insidias intellexit?

Question 4.    Quid Catalina oculis designabat?

Question 5. Quid senatus et consul agere debent?

Locate the following forms, found in the translation passage. Please give the line number, the word or clause, and the translation.
Question 6. ablative of means:
Question 7. personal pronoun:
Question 8. complementary infinitive:
Question 9. plural vocative:
Question 10. noun in apposition:

Translate the following sentences into Latin:
Question 11:
The beautiful girl’s mother, who loved her very much, was wise and sweet.

Question 12:
Did you praise Caesar in your poem about Roman virtues?

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What are you doing, Catalina? What do you think (about)?
We feel the big vices of your plots (We feel your big vices and your plots).
What times! What morals (What character)! The senate knew this, the consul have seen (it).
This (thing) is still alive. Alive? (This) even came into the senate. ...

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