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Give the Spanish equivalent of the following English sentences.
1. We lost the game.
2. How can that be?
3. I’m looking for a person who knows how to draw.
4. There’s no such person here.
5. On the contrary, I’m not even rich.
6. Then I was mistaken.
7. Don’t worry. For sure the sun will come out tomorrow.
8. I didn’t realize it.
9. This is a very important matter.
10. I’ll do it as soon as possible.

Answer the following questions from the choices given.
1. What is the abbreviation for “su casa?”
A. Su.c.
B. S/C
C. S/c
D. S.C.

2. For an individual letter, what is included before the date?
A. The city where the letter is written
B. The country where the letter is written
C. The last name of the sender
D. The city where the letter is being sent

3. What is the abbreviation for “Dear Sirs?”
A. Muy Sr. mío
B. M. Srs. mío
C. Muy Sr. nuestro
D. Muy Sres. míos

4. How do you say “We thank you for your letter dated . . .?”
A. Agradecimos la carta de . . .
B. Acusamos recibo de su carta de . . .
C. Acusamos su carta del . . .
D. Acusamos recibo tu carta del . . .

5. How do you say “We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you?”
A. Sentimos mucho la molestia que esto le causó.
B. Les roga nos perdone las molestias que esto les causó.
C. Les rogamos nos disculpen las molestias que esto les pueda haber causado.
D. Le ruego me disculpes la molestia que esto la pueda haber causado.

Translate the following sentences into Spanish:
11. I have a new computer, but it doesn’t work.
12. We are going to have a lunch meeting next week.
13. He will suggest a better budget for the company.
14. My account expires tomorrow.
15. She works in the petrochemical industry.
Part IV—Writing
Write a short business letter using the names and addresses given here. Place them in correct letter format, and write the letter using business vocabulary. You may write a letter requesting a bank to open or close an account. Include in the letter a request for a Power of Attorney in case you are unable to attend to the needs of the account. Feel free to be creative, and follow the following guidelines:
Use your own name and address.
Use the date you write the first draft.
Write the letter to: Señora Milagros López, Gerente, Banco Mío, Calle Santiago, 18-A, ASUNCION PARAGUAY.

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Tape 6, Side B

12. Perdimos el juego.
13. ¿Como puede ser eso?
14. Estoy buscando a una persona que sepa dibujar.
15. Aquí no hay tal persona.
16. Al contrario, ni siquiera soy rico.
17. Entonces me equivoqué.
18.   No te preocupes...

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