Write a paragraph in approximately 40 words (excluding articles, prepositions, and proper nouns more than once) about a typical week in the life of a student.  Your paragraph should describe your and your friends' activities during any season you choose.  Use the present indicative, preterite, and imperfect tenses and a variety of subjects.  Use some of the verbs you have learned such as ser, estar, tener, venir, poder, querer, hacer, poner, oir, traer, ver, mirar, estudiar, etc.  and vocabulary from chapters 10, 11, and 12 (themes are free time/hobbies, health, and technology).  (As you know, knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is cumulative and  you will be drawing from the words and grammar concepts that you have learned.

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En septiembre mis amigos y yo estamos muy ocupados...

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