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Translate the speech from English to Spanish. Fell free to edit or even make it shorter. There is suggested structures below
Slide1: SPAIN It’s my favorite European country. there’s so much to love: the culture, the people, the rich history, and the food. This Spanish flag consists of two colors, yellow and orange and has a logo.
Slide 2: Spain is located in the southwest of Europe between Portugal and France
Slide3: Madrid is my favorite city.
Slide 4-5-6 : There are many places and the most famous is Barrio de Salamanca where you can find the most luxury shops of Golden Mall, and bars. They said its the most elegant nightlife in Madrid.
Slide 7 : Mercado de San Miguel, its a popular shopping area for local delicacies, featuring intricate cast iron architecture with glass walls. It is also popular nightlife place where visitors, locals gather to enjoy drinks, or food.
Slide 8: I love Spanish food, and here is a list of sixteen traditional dishes that you should eat in Spain.
Slide 9: Pella is one of the most famous Spanish dishes and consists of yellow rice and seafood.
Slide 10-11-12: There are also many museums of art and history.
Slide 13: the end, thank you for watching.

Below are suggested structures you could include. You do not have to follow these, but they can be a helpful guideline. Use simple language, expressions, and gestures to communicate your ideas.
- To start presentation: Hola, me llamo ________. Hoy hablo de _________ (topic).
- Describe pictures by saying what things are:
o Esto es ______________ (this is....)
o Es una foto de ______________.
o Tiene (It has) ______________.
o Es ____________ (use adjectives)
• color, size, good qualities, negative qualities, etc.
• Look at adjectives from chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4
o Es de _______________ (It’s from…./It’s made of…)
o Connect ideas with transition words:
• también : also
• pero: but
• y: and
o ¿Por qué es interesante?/¿Por qué te gusta?
• Es interesante porque __________________.
• Me gusta porque __________________.

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