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1 1. The diagram to the right is an image of a salvage ship (top) A and a sunken galleon. B The angle of depression from the salvage ship to the sunken galleon is angle in the picture. C The angle of elevation from the sunken galleon to the 7 D Salvage ship is angle in the picture. Now consider the following: the salvage ship has located the sunken Spanish galleon at a slant distance of 1400 meters away, with an angle of depression of 30°. a. How far must the salvage ship sail to be directly above the galleon? b. How deep is the water at the galleon's location? For both parts, first give the exact answer (simplify if needed) and then an approximate answer, rounded to two decimal places, if appropriate. a. Exact: Approx: b. Exact: Approx: 2. From a point on the floor, the angle of elevation to the top of a door is 47°, while the angle of elevation to the ceiling above the door is 59°. If the ceiling is 9.8 feet above the floor, what is the vertical dimension of the door? Round to 2 decimal places. 9.8 x off the top 3. cushion cushion A pool player at and the hit located the other angle ball as it dead hits center. the cushion. She knows Where from on the table physics into top wants cushion two parts to shoot should white (label the she ball them white hit will x the ball and come white 5 - off x) ball and a (how set at the bottom left corner of the pool that the far from the top same left corner)? Hint: divide the 5ft segment up up two ratios involving the same angle. 3 ft 14 5f 1 .8 ff 3 11 . 2.7 ft 15ft X 4. A 30-meter line is used to tether a helium-filled balloon. Because of a breeze, the angle of elevation of the line is 85°. a. What is the height of the balloon (to 2 decimal places)? b. If the wind becomes stronger, the angle of elevation will decrease. Write a function that gives you the height h of the balloon depending on the angle 0. c. Complete the table for decreasing angle measures Q. Angle, 0 80° 70° 60° 50° Height Angle, 0 40° 30° 20° 10° Height

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