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1 of 2 Problem Solving with Trigonometry Use trigonometry to solve each of the following problems. 1. Determine the value of k. J 58° 26° A 4ft M k E 3 ft S 2. Determine the values of x and y. A 55e 11" x 50 45° T y H M 5.8" 3. Determine the angle PMA of the lampshade. 15 cm P 25 cm A 25cm M 4. At a ski resort, the highest ski run, Hattie's Haven, can only be accessed by taking two lifts. The first lift leaves the lodge area and travels 1200 m at an inclination of 43° to a transfer point. From the transfer point, the new lift travels 1500 m at an inclination of 53° to the top of Hattie's Haven ski run. The resort is undergoing renovations and is planning on creating a new ski run called Giffin's Gallop. This run would be 30 m to the right of the top of Hattie's Haven and 40 m higher. A new lift must be installed that goes directly from the lodge area to the top of Giffin's Gallop. Determine the angle of elevation of the lift from the lodge area to the top of Giffin's Gallop. G 40 m H 30 m 1500 m T 53° 1200 m 43° L

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