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In this assignment, we will try to harmonize 9 simple melody. Harmonization happens when chords are writen below the meledy 96 so accompaniment, which colors the melody. a) Take 9 simple meledy like this one below. - b) We can now write chords below the melody. I will just use the triads from C major since the melody is also in C major. Suddenly, we get thisl Notice that all the notes in the melody are also in the chords. - E CM FM CM GM CM G7 CM c) We can, then, change some of the chords 5 their inversions. We can also change the "voicing" (arrange the notes of the chords differendy) of the chords to scheive 9 smoother sound, while maintaining the same melody. Note that used the V7-I (G7-C) cadence in C major towards the end. ^ e - +) u TO a CM FM CM GM CM G7 CM : : : d) We can take it one step further to reharmonize the same melody with different chords Even though, the melody is from C major, we can use chords that are not found in the C major scale. This will add color to the melody and schieve 9 totally different sound. I am thinking the melody 98 part of the chord built in 3rds. * won't discuss how to de it here for the sake of this class, instead will leave it open to your interpretation, 96 there are infinite ways of harmonizing 9 meledy. . ds B FM' E7 Am² DM B°7 CM a-2) Take a simple meledy like this one belose. Tell me what key it is in. ^ Key: b-3) this meludy using TOUL position Lriads and dominant 7th chord found in the key. The notes in the melody chould be in the chord. Use V7-I cadence en the half note E to the whole nere F at the cnd. Label your chords. A <-1) Change the voicing of some of the chords, use inversions occasionally. Lable your chords. Include shorthand for inversions. 33 a 3) Reluanunize Lite meludly by exploring chords culside of the key. Then, play il on a pianto, You don't need to include chord symbols for this onc. Do you like your reharmenization? Anv questions nr discoveries? (This part is not requiredl) 3 Questions or Discoveries:

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