Homework Description: You will have to compose two original short pieces. The pieces must follow these guidelines:
1. Both pieces must be composed for piano.
2. Both pieces must be at least eight measures long.
3. One piece must be in a major key and the other piece in a minor key.
4. At least one of the pieces should include a pick up measure or anacrusis.
5. At least one of the pieces must have a parallel period.
6. At least one piece must end with a perfect authentic cadence (PAC).
7. At least one phrase must adhere to the phrase model of Tonic-Predominant-Dominant-Tonic.
8. A complete Roman numeral analysis must be included under each piece.

Also, you must use at least four devices from the following list.
1. Composing one of your pieces in a compound meter.
2. Use of passing and neighbor tones.
3. Use of a triad in inversion.
4. Use of a dominant seventh chord in inversion.
5. Use of an imperfect authentic cadence
6. Use of a half cadence.
7. Use of a deceptive cadence.
8. Use of a cadential six-four chord.
9. Prolongation of the Tonic (Tonic expansion).
10. Use of a contrasting period.
11. Use of a vii dim. chord in place of a V chord.
12. Resolution of the seventh of a dominant seventh chord to the third of the I chord.
13. Avoidance of parallel fifths.
14. Use of an applied chord or a modulation to either V (major key) or III (minor key).

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