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Music and the Mind

For this quest, choose one topic related to music and the brain (it can be something we covered that you want to learn more about, or something different). You may focus on a general topic, a specific musician or music psychologist whose work you find intriguing (if you use Diana Deutsch or Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis, find information different than what we studied in class), a form of music therapy, music's relation to a specific disability or disorder, etc.

• Identify ten facts about your topic. Note: I have given you plenty of feedback on past side quests about how to write ten facts for these projects. A single sentence will not suffice unless it is something specific about the topic and relates to music (if you tell me an artist spent 5 years in jail but do not explain how this experience relates to his musical career, that is not a relevant fact). I prefer that each of your facts dive deeper into a topic (example: Rather than "A clarinet is a woodwind instrument" you would write "A clarinet is a woodwind instrument, meaning that it is an aerophone instrument that uses a reed to produce sound."

• Provide links to at least three reputable sources consulted.
• Choose a relevant musical example and describe it in a paragraph of at least 4 sentences.
• Provide a link to the musical example.
• So what? What is the significance of the topic you've chosen? Why should we care? Explain in at least 3-5 sentences.

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Music and the Mind

I am interested more in the topic "music and memory." I discovered several fundamental facts related to this topic. They are reflected in the following list;
1. Listening to music that an elderly person loved during their youth years reverses the case of dementia, albeit temporarily
2. The use of headphones tends to isolate people with memory problems
3. Whenever people experiencing cognitive decline listen to music, it follows that they are usually happier and social...

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